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Tailored Commercial Insurance & Risk Management solutions

relationship-driven approach

Your business is your livelihood, so it’s crucial to have the proper commercial insurance coverage to protect it. Every business is unique, making it necessary to create a custom insurance solution to meet their specific needs. Too often business owners purchase insurance from an agent or broker without any personal interaction or a true understanding of their business. This can result in insufficient coverage, leaving owners blindsided when they discover they don’t have the appropriate insurance to handle a particular claim.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we don’t operate that way. Our differentiated, relationship-driven approach is our true Competitive Advantage – because we know it’s critical to fully understand the needs of each business we work with as well as their plan for future growth.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we tailor business and professional insurance programs that protect your entity’s financial health and reputation against unexpected liability and property claims.

At JMP insurance Brokers, our primary objective is building long-standing relationships with our clients. By having a broader understanding of our client’s needs and their business goals, JMP Insurance Brokers more effectively tailors Commercial Insurance & Risk Management solutions as our clients’ business needs evolve.

Our Full Suite of Commercial Insurance Solutions

Business Owners

Business Owner Policies (BOP) General Liability Property Coverage Enhanced Blanket Coverage and more


Private Passenger
Inland & Marine
Frieght Transport
Delivery Trucks & Vans
Independent Contractors


Higher “Per Occurrence”
Personal Injury/Legal Defense
and other enhanced
commercial coverage

Residential Buildings/

Developer Construction
Property Management
& other multi-use habitational coverage


Errors & Omissions
Directors & Officers Employment Practices Liability
Crime/Fiduciary Liability

Life, Accident & Health

Permanent/Term Life Insurance
Group Healthcare
Permanent Disability
Long Term Care

Disability &
Worker's Comp

Short & Long-Term Disability
Workers Compensation

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Including Business Owners Policies as the Foundation of Your Coverage Package.

Business Owners Policies (BOPs)

As a Business Owner, you already have enough on your plate. It’s reassuring  to know that you can rely on a Broker Partner to deliver an all-in-one foundational coverage solution for your business, packaging the most important baseline coverages together in one comprehensive policy.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, our philosophy is that We’re Mindful of Your Business.  So  you can expect that we’ll recommend & deliver a Business Owner Policy (BOP) solution for you.   

For eligible classes of business, BOPs deliver integrated coverages for General Liability, Office Equipment & Furniture, Business Interruption, and additional optional coverage bundles. 

Request Quotes Today for a Commercial BOP for your class of business.  And JMP Insurance Brokers will deliver a solution mindful of your business & designed with you in mind.

Commercial Auto

When your commercial venture includes regular transportation on behalf of the business, it’s absolutely critical that your insurance protects against one of the biggest risks you’ll face as a Business Owner.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we’ll work with our Carrier partners to secure optimal coverage for your business circumstances and in light of your fleet of vehicles, driving-radius, and driver histories.  Solutions will include broadest available protection against Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury, Collision & can include coverage for Comprehensive, Rental Reimbursement, Agreed Value Coverage & more.

When you’re ready to insure your business & your fleet of commercial vehicles, please contact us at JMP Insurance Brokers & we’ll hit the road for you.

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Including for Your Fleet of Commercial Vehicles.

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Including Broadened General Liability Protection For Your Business With a Commercial Umbrella.

Commercial Umbrella

When your company needs enhanced liability protection beyond your company’s General Liability ‘Per-Occurrence’ Limit, JMP Insurance Brokers can deliver appropriate Commercial Umbrella solutions which address many objectives:  (a) To satisfy client & business partner contract requirements,  for example.  (b) Or the Landlord’s.  (c) For additional peace-of-mind ensuring your Business Assets will be protected for unwanted eligible lawsuits.

To ensure your company remains an ongoing concern in the face of lawsuit, put JMP Insurance Brokers to work for your business.  Contact Us Today.

Residential & Habitational Buildings

Whether you own multi-family apartment buildings, or sit on the board of your Condo or Co-Op, or possibly responsible for the Insurance for the Homeowners’ Association, JMP Insurance Brokers, through our expansive suite of commercial carriers and wholesale broke partners,  have the expertise and long-standing experience delivering packaged commercial solutions for your Habitational Buildings.

Whether it’s for an owner-occupied 4+ Unit Brownstone,  a Rental Apartment Building, or your Condo or Cooperative Building, our  packaged Master Policy coverage solutions from Carrier partners will include Structural Building Replacement Cost, Business Property & Of Others, Business Interruption & Extra Expense, Boiler & Machinery, Specialty Lines (Crime, EPLI, Fiduciary, etc.) & Workers Comp & Disability.     

Contact JMP Insurance Brokers Today to Properly Shield Your Habitational Building(s), so you can continue to soar.

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Including for All Types of Habitational/Residential Buildings, including 4+ Unit Brownstones, Rental Apartment Buildings & Condo or Cooperative Buildings.

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Including For All Specialty Coverage Lines Including Errors & Omissions (E&O)/ Professional Liability; Directors & Officers (D&O); Cyber; Employment Practices (EPLI), Crime, Fiduciary, etc.

Specialty Lines

For all of your Company’s Specialized Coverages Needs, JMP Insurance Brokers will deliver solutions mindful of your business, including:

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions (E&O):  Protecting The Firm’s Professional & Contractual Commitments – Written or Verbal — generating lawsuits claiming failure to meet obligations as agreed upon in the contract – written or otherwise.

Directors & Officers (D&O):  Whether serving on a Board of Directors or as an Officer of  a Company, you can be sued by clients in the course of performing your job.  And because lawsuits can be entered claiming any amount of damages, your Personal exposure is essentially unlimited.

Employment Practices (EPLI):  Protecting the company’s formal, documented employment practices  against things like  hiring/firing, promotion/tracking performance, use of employer devices/social media, harassment, unsafe work environments &  bullying.

Cyber Liability:  Designed to protect your business from a cyber breach & its repository of proprietary & sensitive information — including SSNs & DOBs, Salaries, Competitive Strategies, etc. 

Crime:  Primarily Third-Party Crime in which employees of the firm are found responsible for theft of other’s property/currency in the course of conducting business — including with Clients, Business Partners, Other Employees, and Vendors.

Fiduciary & Bonds:  Coverage designed for Businesses administering Retirement & Planning Accounts on behalf of their employees.   In certain circumstances, Bonds can be used for this purpose or for a host of other needs when required by a State Entity or Client, etc.

Group Life & Health

For Companies of Two or More, JMP Insurance Brokers may be able to assist in securing a Group Health Plan for your employees.  By working with our Strategic Partners, we’ll ensure all options are explored and available coverage solutions designed keeping your needs in mind. 

For Corporate Governance & Going-Concern Needs, JMP Insurance Brokers can structure a Key-Person and/or Buy-Sell Agreement — stipulating what occurs of a Key Owner or Principal become incapacitated or passes away and the terms under which partner owners can sell to each other under any circumstances, including the passing of one partner & disbursing their shares, etc. 

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Including Group Health Plans & Business-Related Life Solutions, including Key-Person Insurance & Buy-Sell Agreements

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Including Workers Compensation (WCO) & Long-Term Disability

Worker's Compensation (WCO) & Long-Term Disability

As a Business Owner, you’ve got a lot to worry about  to keep the ship running smoothly.  So the last thing you need or want is a ding notice from the State’s Labor Board with a large penalty for failure to carry sufficient Workers Compensation (WCO) coverage that you weren’t even aware was required.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we counsel Clients regularly who are faced with this occurrence — unfortunately all too often.  In today’s increasingly regulated environment, the Best Practice definition for when WCO Coverage is required is for those times when 1 or more individuals are taking professional direction from the company regardless of employment status or if paid or volunteer.  

And when someone taking direction also becomes permanently disabled, it’s important you’re both protected with coverage that replaces a majority of their lost wages for the long-term & includes hospital benefits & cost multipliers.

Contact JMP Insurance Brokers today and find out how we can put our expertise to work for you.

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