Directors & Officers (D&O)

Mitigating the Risk of Lawsuits for Company Executives
in the Course of Performing Their Role.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Coverage

In today’s increasingly litigious society, private & public companies, both large & small, are concerned about and at heightened risk of  their top executives be sued personally in the course of performing their professional roles.

Most often, suits are brought on by a disgruntled current or former client,  but the plaintiff could also be a vendor, a prospect or a strategic partner.

Companies are wise to take these concerns very seriously, since not only are lawsuits incredibly disruptive, costly and essentially carry unlimited  financial risks personally for each named-defendant, but also because 1 in 4 private companies have been impacted by this type of case within the past 3 years.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we advise Clients that a decision to have Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance — thereby transferring these types of risks to an insurance company — has now become the Norm rather than the Exception.   In other words, D&O Insurance should be a staple coverage on the schedule of insurance for any type & size of public or private company, operating on either a for-profit or not-for-profit basis.

Coverage also extends to other critical & costly ancillary services — including all company legal matters & expenses being handled & paid for by the  insurance company —  regardless of the merits of the suit or is outcome.  Allowing companies & their executives to get on with business at hand with less worry that an unfortunate lawsuit could bankrupt the company or its executives.

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