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Rely upon Our Expertise and Consultative Approach for
All Your Personal Insurance needs across the USA.

Rely upon Our Expertise and Consultative Approach for All Your Personal Insurance needs across the USA.

Tailored Personal Insurance & Risk Management Solutions for Your Evolving Lifestyle

relationship-driven approach

Let’s face it, today, you can buy an insurance policy from almost any Agent or Broker — without any personal interaction or knowledge about your lifestyle or objectives. So it’s no surprise that there’s so much “noise”/misinformation about insurance among the general public or why so many policyholders are blindsided during a claim when they discover they’re not covered for what they thought they purchased.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we don’t operate that way.

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At JMP insurance Brokers, our primary objective is building long-standing relationships with our clients.   By having a broader understanding of our client’s needs and where they’re heading, JMP Insurance Brokers more effectively tailors Personal  Insurance & Risk Management solutions as our clients’ lifestyle needs evolve.

Our Full Suite of Personal Insurance Solutions

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Including for All Types of Homeowners & Rental Properties, including Condos, Co-Ops, Apartment Rentals, Brownstones, Townhomes, Free-Standing Houses, Rural or Coastal Properties & Investement Properties.


Your Home is your Castle. It’s also an significant investment and a reflection of your personal lifestyle & accomplishments. At JMP Insurance Brokers, we specialize in delivering comprehensive protection against ‘All Risks’ for most homes — under all covered circumstances. 

From Urban Condos & Cooperatives (Co-Ops);  Classic Brownstones or Apartment Rentals; to Free-standing Homes in the Suburbs; Cottages on the Coast or Mountain Retreats,  JMP Insurance Brokers can deliver security & peace of mind when bad things happen like Water Leaks, Wildfires, Explosions, Falling Objects, Earthquakes.  And, If your home is destroyed by a covered event, our tailored solutions include sufficient means to live comparably without worry, as well as enhanced protection to rebuild with confidence in the face of skyrocketing rebuilding costs.


Learn more about:

Fine Art
Musical Instruments
Sports Memorabilia
Other Collections


Did you know that even the top US Homeowners Insurers significantly limit coverage for valuable articles in the standard portion of their policies? Treasured heirlooms, one-of-a-kind pieces & carefully curated collections of art, wine, jewelry, antiques, sports memorabilia, and other valuables require more comprehensive protection.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we ensure our clients most cherished possessions are appropriately insured against loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance worldwide, so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. 

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Including for All Categories of Valuables Collections including Jewelry & Watches, Fine Art, Wine, Musical Instruments, Silver, Sports Memorabilia, Cameras & More.

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Including All Types of Private Passenger Autos Motorized Vehicles & Collector Cars

Motor Vehicles/ Collector Cars

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we know how much our Clients love their motorized vehicles. And that they’re much more than just transportation from point A to point B.   

So whether you’re looking to insure your private autos, motor bikes, golf carts, or historic vehicles, and whether they’re used to commute to work, kept at your second home to use on weekends, or many leisurely activities in between, JMP Insurance Brokers will get the engine started.  

We’ll make sure your eligible coverage and protection is firing on all cylinders – so the good times on the open road don’t have to stall just because the vehicle suddenly does.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

You’ve worked hard becoming successful and for all you’ve accomplished. But without proper Liability protection, your assets could be at risk if something happens & you’re responsible.  What if your teenager caused an accident, or after hosting a party, a guest whose been served alcohol hurts themselves or others, or you’ve posted controversial messages on social media?  What would happen if you were sued?  Would you be left holding the bag? 

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we know these risks are real.  We’ve seen it first-hand. Its why we deliver comprehensive Liability protection to shield your net worth, for when “that will never happen to me”, happens. Eligible coverage extends to legal defense costs too — which aren’t deducted from payouts or required to be paid back.  So even on unexpected stormy days, our solutions will protect from getting wet in the rain.

And for eligible Owners & Principals  of Professional Firms, JMP Insurance Brokers can extend these Personal Liability solutions via Group Excess Liability Programs.  Providing higher limits at preferred rates & without individual underwriting — for at least 5 Executives.  It can even be extended to staff as a benefit, too.  Contact JMP Insurance Brokers about our comprehensive Liability programs,  so clouds on the horizon don’t turn your day into a  a washout.  

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Including Primary, Umbrella, & Group Excess
Personal Liability Protection

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Including for All Types of Recreational Marine Watercraft, Including Sailboats, Sea-Doos, Catamarans, Motorized Boats & Yachts.


As Captain of your own preferred ship – whether a speed boat, a schooner or Sea-Doo, we understand our clients top priority is the safety, security & seaworthiness of their vessels – both in and out of the water. Yet, often times, navigating the wide variety of policy & coverage options available can be daunting. At  JMP Insurance Brokers, we make sense of the options for them & deliver comprehensive marine solutions – tailored for their personal lifestyles. And so they have peace of mind they’re properly protected each time they leave the dock. 

Primary/Excess Flood

Let’s face it – floods can and do happen anytime, anywhere. After all, floods are the most frequently-occurring natural disaster. They’re also the least understood destructive peril whose insurance coverage & eligibility  requirements seem to change the fastest.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we help our clients navigate all things flood – from highlighting the connections & differences between primary and excess flood policies to understanding the differences between the perils of water damage and flood in an insurance policy. We demystify FEMA flood zones, flood maps & elevation certificates so, if and when, a flood happens, the water won’t wash away what you’ve worked so hard to protect.

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Including To Protect Against The Peril of Flood Through Both Primary & Excess Flood Coverage.

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Including for Life, Disability, & Long-Term Care Insurance for Estate, Retirement & Generational Wealth-Transfer Purposes.

Life, Disability, & Long-Term Care

Longevity of Good Health is one of Life’s Greatest Sustainable Gifts.  At JMP Insurance Brokers, We’re Here Because Life Happens — so we advise our Clients & deliver a variety of solutions for when things don’t go according to plan.  By preparing today, our Clients are more protected  tomorrow.  

We routinely design solutions to help reduce the financial burden of a tragic accident, shield assets from progressive illnesses, required advanced care in later years, or to ensure the legacy you’ve built continues across generations.

Contact Us Today to find out how JMP Insurance Brokers can design personalized solutions for your family too.



At JMP Insurance Brokers, we inherently understand that nothing provides more meaningful life fulfillment than the people we love, the memories we make and the hobbies and causes for which we’re most passionate. So whether you’re planning a family wedding or special event, going on safari, hiring a full-time Nanny for your children, caring for your family’s furry best friends, or serving on the boards of non-profit causes you support, JMP Insurance Brokers can tailor specialized solutions for your lifestyle – to protect against the unexpected – so you can concentrate on building more happy memories.

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Including for More Specialized Coverage Needs Around Insuring Events, Family Pets, Domestic Staff/Nannies & Travel
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