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At JMP Insurance Brokers, we recognize that your home is your private oasis.  The place to get away from it all,  to relax & recharge your batteries, to feel safe & protected, and to enjoy the fruits of your successes and what you’ve accomplished.    

Since the pandemic struck, it’s also become your family’s personal command center for shifting to a new virtual way of life and for navigating  the newfound challenges & benefits that have come with it.   Fortunately, you had the vision & created your own version of the perfect sanctuary — entirely designed around the blueprints for your ideal home life.   

So even in the age of social distancing, it’s a place you enjoy cocooning. Through its detail, it demonstrates your commitment to quality & an appreciation of the finer things in life; for being an early adopter of state-of-the art technologies & gadgetry. It conveys your perfect blend of form and function, of work/life balance, and for luxurious everyday living  in an environmentally-friendly & sustainable LEED environment. 

So when it’s time to insure your oasis, you require a Broker partner who expertly understands your lifestyle needs & has the demonstrated experience, expertise & proven track record for delivering differentiated & comprehensive Home solutions for the lifestyle needs of financially successful & professional accomplished clientele.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we’re Personal Insurance experts.  For two decades, we’ve specialized in serving the Personal Insurance needs across the USA  of  Successfully Accomplished Global Clientele.  We have a long-standing & demonstrated track record  of expertly serving Client needs.  As Charter Recipients of the elite professional designation ‘Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance’ (CAPI) from Chubb & The Wharton School,  you can rely upon JMP Insurance Brokers to  deliver comprehensive & differentiated protection for your free-standing home based on experience-based Best Practices and Actionable Insights shared with our Clients.  Your Free-Standing Home will be insured against All-Risks, the broadest available in the USA,  for everything from a catastrophic gas explosion destroying the home to a small dishwasher leak, &  everything in between.    

We’ll ensure the coverage is ‘Best-in-Class’ for your needs and that your well informed of how it delivers on that promise.  You’ll have peace-of-mind that there aren’t any meaningful gaps, limitations or exclusions, so you can be  confident  & know what to expect in the event of a claim.

In light of all you’ve accomplished, you understandably deserve only the finest protection available for everything you deem important, including Extended Structural Replacement Cost (ERC) coverage, which won’t impose any upward cap whatsoever after a covered total loss. You’ll be able to rebuild with confidence — back to the way it was before or better without rising costs and inflation ruining the day.   Or under the right circumstances, using the ‘Cash-Out’ settlement option, taking the proceeds from the claim’s settlement and walking away from the property without rebuilding.  nal Living Expenses When you’re displaced from your home due to a covered claim, Loss of Use on an Actual Loss Sustained (ALS) basis – having the carrier pay all of your reasonable Additio(ALE) for as long as necessary so you can maintain a comparable lifestyle for however long you’re displaced – even if its a period of years.  We’ll also ensure you have sufficient Liability protection with a separate limit for all defense costs which you won’t have to pay back in case you’re sued personally worldwide & designed to protect your personal net worth.  And finally, that your important wrap-around coverage including a Large Loss Deductible Waiver feature, Equipment Breakdown for all of your home’s permanently-installed mechanical equipment against sudden & accidental breakdown,  21st Century Cyber Security protection against hackers stealing your identity, your funds electronically or targeting you for a potential extortion, kidnap or ransomware type scenario.

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You need a broker who you can confidently rely on, one who advises on important matters and components, personal contents & loss of use converge securing sufficient liability protection to protea against global personal lawsuits and designed experience.  comprehensive protection of the highest caliber – from a premier carrier delivering world-class coverage, claims settlement and support services with you in mind. 

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