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At JMP Insurance Brokers, we understand that it takes a lot to manage & juggle all the responsibilities of a fast-paced, successful lifestyle.  And that often, your needs for risk management protection, security & peace-of-mind extend beyond traditional property insurance coverage needs.  

Through our consultative approach, we work with our Clients not only to understand their needs today but also for tomorrow.  And not only for renting or buying a home or insuring an engagement ring, but also for less traditional and more specialized protection needs related to things like:  

• Starting &  building a family – Workers Compensation coverage when hiring a Nanny to care for your children.  Or a full-time Housekeeper to keep everything neat & organized after the flurry of daily demands seem to turn everything upside down. 

• Enhancing your security needs around internet use, social media and in light of your public profile as an accomplished and successful individual.    

When these specialized needs arise,  JMP Insurance Brokers can help ensure their met like any other coverage need you have.   So whether your lifestyle demands Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance to protect your interests while serving on the board of a Non-Profit for which you’re passionate.  Or it requires necessary travel protection before embarking on an exotic round-the-world holiday as part of your love of the jet-set lifestyle.  Or last but definitely not least, protecting your favorite domestic four-legged friends when medical needs are required, demonstrating a bit of the unconditional love they give back every day.  

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we’ll be here for these and all life events because we know, life happens.  So when your lifestyle calls for specialized coverage needs as special as your lifestyle, Contact Us Today.  And put the power of JMP Insurance Brokers’ Consultative Approach to work for you.

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