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By Tapping Our Roster of The Finest Coverages
You're Assured Protection in a League of Its Own

By Tapping Our Roster of The Finest Coverages You're Assured Protection in a League of Its Own

When Only Super Bowl-Worthy Insurance Performance Will Do

Sports Are Your Passion.  Your Favorite Pastime.  Your Weekend Outlet.  You can recite Sports Trivia facts & stats faster than Wikipedia.  

So while your private collection of Sports Memorabilia – carefully acquired over a lifetime — is so impressive it would be considered a first-round draft pick into the Majors,  is it insured with minor league protection?

At JMP Insurance Brokers, our Carrier solutions for your Sports Memorabilia provide the world-championship-level protection you need.  Coverage that inherently appreciates the one-of-a-kind nature of each item, for which there is no meaningful replacement.   

You can expect your Collection to be covered worldwide against the broadest range of circumstances for when eligible pieces are either lost, stolen damaged or mysteriously disappear — and with no deductible.  And, you can also expect, that when it comes time to settle a claim, our Premier Carrier Partners won’t require, nor try to force-fit, a “similar replacement” item arrangement.  Instead, because they too implicitly understand the unique nature of these items and their value to sports enthusiasts, claims will be settled directly by payment to the insured — without the haggling about “limited or similar” replacement items.  

So when it’s time to insure your Personal Sports Memorabilia collection, JMP Insurance Brokers should be at the head of your starting lineup — to Quarterback the delivery of the best available protection – tailored to your needs.

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Including For Your Entire Private Collection of Valuable Sports Memorabilia.

Under Blanket Coverage – policyholders insure an aggregate limit of scheduled VAC without having to name individual pieces within the policy.   Sub-limit Per Item Maximum Payouts may apply for claims instances in certain VAC categories.   Please ask us for more information.

Under Itemized Coverage – policyholders provide a full description and value (and sometimes also an up-to-date appraisal and other details) and name each piece to be insured as part of the collection.   When Itemized, coverage may apply up to 150% of the insured amount to protect against inflation/appreciation in the item’s value over time.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we fully understand & appreciate that many valuable items in our clients’ collections are one-of-a-kind pieces, are family heirlooms or items that just simply cannot be replaced.

As a result, when our clients tell us they want to insure items in these categories, we always recommend the finest carriers who will settle their covered VAC claims directly by check paid to the policyholder.   In this way, policyholders are fully protected and retain full  flexibility on what to do and how to use the proceeds from a covered claims settlement.

Through our insurance & business partners, JMP Insurance Brokers can provide our clients with a wealth of expertise regarding ancillary services for valuable articles collections, including:

  1. Appraisal Services
  2. Access to top industry professionals providing counsel on how to store, transport, hang, maintain, etc., various categories of Valuable Articles Collections.

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