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The Comprehensive Protection You Deserve for all of the Precious Jewelry & Fine Watches within Your Private Collection.

Comprehensive protection you deserve for all categories within your Valuable Articles Collections (VAC).

Comprehensive Worldwide Protection For Your Private Collection

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we implicitly understand that the value of your collection of jewelry and watches extends well beyond its financial value in dollars and cents.  

It also signifies a collection of wonderful memories etched over a lifetime.  Or, those which transcend lives across multiple generations.  Sentimental and family heirlooms which elicit great joy in happier times & needed comfort during others.  Timeless pieces which inspire to reflect their personal  significance in daily lives.  And most importantly, to pay forward the customs & memorable history these  timeless pieces represent, as tangible examples tradition being entrenched & passed from one generation to the next. 

When it’s time to start or continue the tradition of properly insuring your jewelry & watch collection,  JMP Insurance Brokers is the Partner you can rely on.   We, too, have a proud tradition of insuring these collections for years for our Globally Accomplished & Mobile Clients.  You can expect us to deliver the finest coverages available & the most comprehensive protection worldwide. 

From the outset, we’ll advise on how best to properly structure coverage for your needs today and priorities for the future.  As needed, we’ll access our broad network of collections specialists to consult on appraisal services, collections preservation, loss prevention and lifestyle security assessments.  


Coverage Summary: Scheduled coverage for your eligible collection can include a combination of Blanket & Itemized providing utmost flexibility & global protection against loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance  & covered scenarios won’t include a deductible.   

Coverage & Claims Settlement Flexibility:  Under certain circumstances, eligible claims may include an additional 50% protection for appreciation/inflation in diamonds & precious metals at the time of loss.  

Extremely Broad Coverage Definitions, with eligible damage seen as most things denigrating a piece’s integrity.  So too, is the ability to use your preferred jeweler globally for purchase, repair & replacement, as needed. 

And because claims are settled directly to the insured, there’s complete flexibility to decide what’s done next — particularly important for one-of-a-kind pieces & family heirlooms when replacements  would never come close.   

Superior Carrier Network:  To deliver this World-Class protection, JMP Insurance Brokers taps our portfolio of the finest Premier Carrier Partners — who themselves, represent the industry gold standard, with centuries-old traditions of insurable excellence &  superb collections management services. 


Blanket Coverage:  Maintaining an aggregate, inforce amount of aggregate coverage  — representing a binder of  lesser value pieces in the collection for which you’d prefer not to list, for example.  Subject to per-item maximum payout amounts for covered claims, Blanket coverage effectively encompasses pieces either momentarily forgotten or those eligible new or yet to be purchased as well within the coverage bundle.

Itemized Protection: – For pieces of more financial, historical or sentimental significance, itemized coverage appreciates their individuality & lists each piece’s insured value & intricate details, craftsmanship & workmanship.  In some cases, Appraisals are required above a certain value threshold and/or requested to keep on file for safe-keeping.

Bank Vault: Our flexible solutions can also include those items secured through a Safe Deposit Box or Bank Vault.  Coverage is identical worldwide, yet particularly designed for pieces of significant value which are rarely 3x  or less per year yet require substantially more secure protection.  Other significant requirements & restrictions apply, which if not met,  will void coverage at the time of any claim.

Request Quotes Today for Your Exquisite Personal Collection of  Jewelry & Fine Timepieces.  We’ll put our Trusted Advice & Expertise to work orchestrating & delivering coverage designed around you.      

Put Our Trusted Advice & Expertise To Work For you

Including JMP Insurance Brokers
Specialized & Long Standing Experience for Insuring Your Collection of Jewelry & Watches.

Under Blanket Coverage – policyholders insure an aggregate limit of scheduled VAC without having to name individual pieces within the policy.   Sub-limit Per Item Maximum Payouts may apply for claims instances in certain VAC categories.   Please ask us for more information.

Under Itemized Coverage – policyholders provide a full description and value (and sometimes also an up-to-date appraisal and other details) and name each piece to be insured as part of the collection.   When Itemized, coverage may apply up to 150% of the insured amount to protect against inflation/appreciation in the item’s value over time.

At JMP Insurance Brokers, we fully understand & appreciate that many valuable items in our clients’ collections are one-of-a-kind pieces, are family heirlooms or items that just simply cannot be replaced.

As a result, when our clients tell us they want to insure items in these categories, we always recommend the finest carriers who will settle their covered VAC claims directly by check paid to the policyholder.   In this way, policyholders are fully protected and retain full  flexibility on what to do and how to use the proceeds from a covered claims settlement.

Through our insurance & business partners, JMP Insurance Brokers can provide our clients with a wealth of expertise regarding ancillary services for valuable articles collections, including:

  1. Appraisal Services
  2. Access to top industry professionals providing counsel on how to store, transport, hang, maintain, etc., various categories of Valuable Articles Collections.

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